about me

My name is Jens Oldenburg.
I was born on January 3, 1962 in Bremen/Germany.

Actually, the North German Plain is known to be quite unlivable and boring due to its climate. However, the people living there know how to suffer. They’re called Fischköpfe, fish heads.

At the age of 17 I first got in touch with photography. I had a photographic laboratory at my disposal, and I was immediately enthusiast. During my education as Physical Technical Assistant I was able to deepen my knowledge and I started to experiment. I was pioneering in the early days of digital photography. As an independent electronics technician and network-engineer I realised several projects that made use of digital photography and data communication. Right from the start the internet has been crucial for my professional development. But at a certain point the atmosphere of departure was over and computers became everyday tools. For me there was no longer a ‘mission’.
At that point I took my very expensive but lousy Digicam and started travelling. Because of my sportive past (I had been active in boxing, Thai boxing, climbing and kayaking) I was physically strong. That made it possible to do expedition-like journeys. Above all I visited countries in the north such as Iceland, Spitsbergen, Northern Sweden and others, but also Canada, Asia, Turkey and of course Europe. While travelling I always tried to communicate and to discover the social life of the people around me. I wanted to feel the pace of life in other societies.
In Germany I had been moving in various social circles and subcultures. These experiences helped me to develop my photographic eye and my sense for situations. At some point I realised I simply needed money. In order to remain flexible and to keep my freedom I chose to become a truck driver. This meant that I could go on travelling, taking photographs, doing sports and dedicating time to IT.
One of my journeys led me to Switzerland, a trip with unexpected consequences. In June 2007 I moved to Switzerland in the name of love.
My passion lies in street photography. Left-overs, shabby, dubious and curious things fascinate and attract me. Not only the Rhine port plays an important role as a symbol of transcience and new beginnings. Basle as a whole is constantly changing and has a very special lifestyle. Culturally diverse people share alternative areas and visionary projects.
And almost everybody is swimming in the Rhine.

Even though I show photographs in my exhibitions, I don’t perceive myself as a photographer. I aim at reproducing, creating or archiving atmospheres.